Yes. If you are a student between standards 5th to 12th
No. There is no entry fee
There are 2 categories. The Juniors are for kids between classes 5th to 8th. The Seniors are for kids between classes 9th to 12th.
• Frank Antony School, Delhi • Ansal University, Gurgaon • CWG Village Sports Complex, Delhi
There will be pre-qualifiers and then knockouts
This is subject to number of registrations. Last year, there were 2300 registrations and 750 were shortlisted for pre-qualifiers
The training phase starts on 5th of August. The matches are scheduled for 30th September, 1st October, 2nd October, 7th and 8th October
No. You cannot be part of two teams
Yes. Only Bibs will be provided at the venue
Registrations start on 15th July,2017 and end on 30th July, 2017
The opening ceremony is on 23rd September, 2017. The closing ceremony is on 8th October, 2017
The prize money for Winners of both categories is 1 lakh Rupees each. The prize money for Runners up of both categories is 50 Thousand Rupees each
The Most Valuable Players from both categories will be chosen by Arsenal Soccer School