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    what is the date of the 1st match 

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    Want examples? Here are just a few:
    1) Dawson - I met him through J-Date after my first breakup with Only Child. He lived in LA (I was in SD) and was successful in the entertainment biz (yes, he worked on Dawson's Creek) and was pretty cute, smart, funny/neurotic in a Woody Allen sort of way, owned a house in Westwood, and was into me. We had a few terrific dates and makeout sessions and, as is typical with me, started delving into deep conversation. During one of these talks, which turned out to be our last, his far-too realistic Woody Allen side came out when he confessed the unbelievable depth of his neuroses and dysfunctionality in relationships.It was hard for him to talk about and I was supportive and offered advice that eventually led him to begin seeing a therapist. I heard from him via email one more time and he thanked me profusely for my help and wished that we might meet again in the future when he's "better." nice of me. Single again.

    2) SoHo Chic - OK, he wasn't my boyfriend, but he was definitely the first man I had a psychological relationship with (including my Dad since he died when I was 5 and I barely remember him). He was my boss in the first job I took out of college. He was a professional commercial photographer and I was hired to run the daily operations of his immaculately decorated studio located in the middle of, you guess it, SoHo. SoHoChic was European, young, cocky, wealthy and one of the cheapest people I've ever met. Being completely naive, I took the job without realizing just how little money $19K/year was (with no health insurance either). I was just excited that this cool, successful photographer wanted me to run his business!

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